How To Protect yourself, your staff and the public against airborne contaminants Like Covid-19?

Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies

Disposable Medical Masks in Europe follow an accreditation process of acknowledgement of competence of a product in the European conformity assessment system.

The European conformity assessment system consists of conformity assessment bodies such as laboratories, inspection authorities or certification bodies.

The duty of these bodies is to provide attestation to the product for its compliance.

Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)

CAB, short for Conformity Assessment Body, is a legal entity that conducts a conformity assessment of goods/services to check the compliance of the product.

The conformity assessment is a broad term, that includes everything from...

How to Wear a Face Mask With Glasses?

2020 was one of the most agonizing years in recent history.

Shops, factories, whole industries and businesses all closed down; people were forced to stay at home; the economy collapsed; thousands of people died throughout the world.

Today, everyone is looking for ways to protect themselves.

This includes looking for masks which can efficiently protect them from the deadly coronavirus.

Wearing a mask comes with a set of challenges of their own.

Some people have reported that they have had difficulty in breathing whilst others faced the issue of their glasses getting fogging up.

It is infuriating to take...

Nose Bridge

Masks are flavour of the month.

The current pandemic has spread throughout the world in just a few months.

It has taken the lives of many people, both young and old.

It is high time to find the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones using the best possible masks and practices as defined by the Government.

Surgical Face masks offer great protection to others you are in contact with.

You must wear the surgical mask properly and it must fit the face otherwise it is of no practical use.

Having gaps between the face and the mask...

Ear Loops

This pandemic has caused an increase in both mask production and mask wearing like never before.

Previously, Masks were just used by medical staff but now every person is required to wear a mask when leaving home, even for small tasks like going to the shops to buy food.

These masks come in different shapes and sizes.

Masks are essential in protecting people from coronavirus as they prevent the spread of respiratory droplets by forming a barrier and covering the person's mouth and nose.

Ear Loops are used as material in a medical face mask.

Ear Loops used...

What is Meltblown?

During the Covid 19 pandemic, face masks have become the topic of everyday conversation and have been mass produced in volume and sold across the world.

Every company is trying their hardest putting forward various production techniques in order to manufacture a compliant, high quality mask that can cope with Covid19.

From all the techniques seen, Meltblown is the process which has gained quite an interest in the mask making industry.

What is Non Woven Meltblown?

Melt Blown is a non woven manufacturing system.

It is manufactured conventionally by converting polymers into non woven microfilaments.


What is Spun Bound?

COVID-19 is causing panic and trepidation across the World.

A tremendous amount of effort has been made to minimise itā€™s transmission.

Socially distancing from crowds and using a mask to cover your mouth & nose to prevent respiratory droplets from getting in are at the top of the list of standard operating procedures (SOPS) .

Masks have become the talk of the town.

Everyone is weighing up the pros and cons of all the different types of masks available and are looking to buy the one that offers the best protection against covid19.

Surgical masks are widely used throughout the...

Disposable Medical Masks from Others Countries

Are Surgical Face Masks Safer According to Which country they are made in?

Medical Masks fromĀ USA

Medical Masks from China

Medical Masks fromĀ Australia & New-Zealand

Medical Masks from Australia & New-Zealand

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Disposable Medical Masks from Asia

Are Surgical Face Masks Safer According to Which country they are made in?

Medical Masks from China

Medical Masks from China

Medical Masks from South Korea

Medical Masks from South Korea

Medical Masks from Japan

Medical Masks from Japan

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Disposable Medical Masks from Europe

Disposable Medical Surgical Face Masks Made in the UK

There has been a rapid increase in Surgical Masks manufacturing throughout the world since coronavirus started in Wuhan, China.

As we discover new variants & with higher numbers of cases being diagnosed everyday in the UK, it is essential for people to find better ways to protect themselves and find safer surgical face masks.

Medica Masks Made in Britain

The british surgical mask industry is now in uproar as people are buying more and more and looking for better quality masks.

Local High Demand ofĀ PPE

With such huge UK demands, it is now more necessary than...