How To Protect yourself, your staff and the public against airborne contaminants Like Covid-19?

Fake Face Masks in the UK

With the rise of Coronavirus infection, the increased demand for PPE items such as surgical face masks, respirators, face shields, medical gloves, and gowns has created an overwhelming situation across the country.

With increases in the development of PPE products, the quantity required to meet the country’s needs has been achieved, however, worldwide mass production has compromised quality.

It has become quite challenging to produce high quality and safe certified Surgical Face Masks products in the UK.

Counterfeit Masks and PPE in the United-Kingdom

It should come as no surprise that the very best and worst quality PPE are all...

Coronavirus: 'Deadly masks' claims debunked

Can I Test the Surgical Mask Myself?

How to Know if a Surgical Face Mask is Safe?

Visual Mask Test

Visual Mask Test

Flame Mask Test

Flame Mask Test

Hydrophobic Mask Test

Hydrophobic Mask Test

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How to check if your Surgical Face Mask is Certified?

From households to hospital premises, from public transport to shopping centres, and from offices to school, the use of surgical face masks have never been more important.

Surgical face masks are now mandatory in almost every setting; indoor or outdoor.

Certification of surgical or medical face masks is important as it indicates that a certain standard has been met to be safe.

It basically validates the authenticity, effectiveness and compliance of surgical masks.

Marking on Surgical Mask

The markings on the mask is indicative of its certification.

As a manufacturer of masks, you are duty bound to get them...

Where to Buy a Safe Surgical Face Mask?

How to Know if your Surgical Face Mask Protects you Well?

Where to Buy a Mask Online?

Where to Buy a Mask Online?

What Shops Sell Face Masks?

What Shops Sell Face Masks?

How to Buy Masks from Manufacturers?

How to Buy Masks from Manufacturers?

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Are Surgical Face Masks Safer According to Which country they are made in?

How to Know if your Surgical Face Mask Protects you Well?

Surgical Face Masks Made in the UK

Disposable Medical Surgical Face Masks Made in the UK

Masks from Europe

Disposable Medical Masks from Europe

Masks from Asia

Disposable Medical Masks from Asia

Masks from Others Countries

Disposable Medical Masks from Others Countries

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How to Know if a Surgical Face Mask is Safe?

With the increasing demand of surgical (medical) face masks, in the context of the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, it has also come to light that quality control over mask production has been compromised and some manufacturers and companies have only focused on quantity.

A good quality face mask is either unavailable or priced over the odds.

A high quality safe surgical face mask has to go through quality checks for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability, water resistancy and absorbency.

Only after passing these standard quality checks, it is made available...

What Machine is used to make a Surgical Face Mask?

What is the Material used in a Surgical Face Mask?

A surgical Mask consists of 3 layers but What is a Surgical Mask made from?

The Outer and Inner layers are made from soft Spunbond material and the middle layer is the Melt Blown filter.

Of course, by using different materials from different suppliers, this will affect the final end quality of the mask.

Let's have a closer look at what this means.

Since the beginning of 2020, whether you are a Health Professional or not, Surgical masks have become part of our daily life.

Have you ever considered what goes into a Surgical mask?

What is Spunbond?

Definition-a non-woven textile is...

How is a Surgical Face Mask Made?

There are several methods for making a 3 layers disposable face mask, the most common being the 100% automatic production line.

The mask is made in 5 steps:

  1. Assembly of non-woven layers
  2. Insertion of the Nose Bridge
  3. Folding
  4. Cut
  5. Ear Loops

1) Assembly of non-woven layers

 Assembly of non-wovens layers for surgical mask

The non-woven fabrics rolls are unrolled and assembled to form the 3 layers of the mask.

The front face is the visible part of the face mask, often...