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We Support NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together

Bristol Mask will donate 10% of profit to NHS Charities Together (registered charity no. 1186569) in connection with the sale of each box of masks on this website.

About NHS Charities Together

The Association of NHS Charities, operating as NHS Charities Together, is a federation of over 250 charitable organisations that supports all the devolved National Health Service (NHS), their staff, volunteers and patients, in the United Kingdom.

The organisation acts as collective voice for NHS charities as well as coordinating national fundraising efforts.

The charity came to increased prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, when 99-year old Captain Tom Moore raised over £30 million for them, by walking laps of his garden, and releasing a single with Michael Ball, which went to number 1 in the UK charts.

In December 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became joint patrons of the organisation.