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Fake Face Masks in the UK

With the rise of Coronavirus infection, the increased demand for PPE items such as surgical face masks, respirators, face shields, medical gloves, and gowns has created an overwhelming situation across the country.

With increases in the development of PPE products, the quantity required to meet the country’s needs has been achieved, however, worldwide mass production has compromised quality.

It has become quite challenging to produce high quality and safe certified Surgical Face Masks products in the UK.

Counterfeit Masks and PPE in the United-Kingdom

It should come as no surprise that the very best and worst quality PPE are all available on the market. After Billions of PPE items have undergone safety checking many have failed to comply with UK safety standards.

Fake PPE

Several quality checks are done in order for PPE to be allowed for sale.

At the moment, as worldwide PPE production is so high, it has become almost an unmanageable prospect for the authorities to keep a check of what is made.

Alongside registered PPE producers that are compliant with Standards set by the Regulating Authorities, a number of small scale PPE businesses have been set up as well.

These businesses produce tons of poor quality PPE that does not undergo quality checks.

Such businesses have become a huge safety threat and have compromised the quality of PPE on sale.

Surgical Masks Certification

For the PPE to be called compliant, it should be certified by the EN 14683, an EU standard All PPE produced to the EN14683 are original.

It is important for buyers to read the markings highlighted on the PPE.

Surgical face masks items that do not comply with EN 14683 requirements either undergo modification/changes or are thrown away.

Only CE certified PPE should be sold in the UK, as these are the items that meet the requirements set by the MDD/MDR (Medical Device Directive/Regulations).

PPE that has passed the quality check achieves certification.

CE markings on the PPE ensure the conformity of the product that it comes in line with all the relevant requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure their PPE has a CE marking.


To avoid using fraudulent PPE, it is advised to choose a reputable supplier and if you choose a new or unfamiliar company, you should always ask for the Supplier certification as it validates their registration.

Do check the examination certificate and compare the model number of face masks with that of the certificate.

When buying online make sure to order from Authorised and certified sites in order to avoid scams which are quite common during these worrying times.

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