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How To Protect yourself, your staff and the public against airborne contaminants Like Covid-19?

Filtering of Surgical Face Masks (BFE)

When it comes to choosing a surgical face mask, one important factor to consider is its filtering ability.

BFE, or bacterial filtration efficiency, is a measure of a mask's ability to filter out bacteria from the air.

BFE is typically measured using a melt blown material, which is a critical component of a surgical face mask.

In this article, we will discuss what BFE is, how it is measured, and what level of BFE is used for a mask.

What is BFE?

BFE, or bacterial filtration efficiency, refers to the percentage of bacteria that a mask can filter out...

When I Need to Wear a Face Covering?

What are the guidelines for face masks?

It is important to break the chain of Coronavirus infections.

The government emphasizes the importance of wearing face masks to prevent Covid-19 transmission in every public situation, like social events and public gatherings to avoid catching/spreading the virus.

Wearing a Face Mask

Since many people have yet to be vaccinated, it is important to wear face masks, maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet/2 metres and avoid crowds.

Face masks are used hugely in public, in private and in healthcare settings as they lower the spread of Covid -19 transmission and have been in great demand since...

Who Can Wear a Face Covering or Mask?

Certification of Masks in the UK

Certification is necessary to ensure that the masks meet the required standards and are safe to use.

Face masks in the UK, must meet the requirements set by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to be certified.

The BSI is the national standards body of the UK and provides certification services for a wide range of products, including face masks.

Steps to be Certified

There are several steps to the certification process.

Firstly, the manufacturer must submit their product for testing to an accredited testing laboratory.

The laboratory will assess the mask's effectiveness in filtering particles, such as viruses and bacteria,...

Environmental Impact of Masks

In the world and UK, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased use of disposable surgical face masks to protect against the virus.

While they are an important tool in preventing the spread of the disease, the environmental impact of these masks is a growing concern.

Manufacturing of Surgical Face Masks

Surgical masks are made from non-biodegradable materials like polypropylene, which means that they do not break down easily and can have long-lasting effects on the environment.

The production of surgical face masks also has an impact on the environment.

The manufacture of these masks requires significant amounts...

Increase of PPE made from UK

With the rise in the spread of Covid 19, there has been an increase in the manufacture and sale of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and disposable surgical masks.

What is the Role of PPE?

PPE is crucial when it comes to having a higher degree of protection.

The role of PPE is to protect the wearer from contracting viruses, bacteria and other infectious micro droplets such as vapours and aerosols.

High Demand of PPE

PPE has a higher demand than ever, since all healthcare workers and professionals are required to wear it during the current pandemic.

Initially, when the...

Advantages of Buying a UK Made Surgical Face Mask

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, surgical face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives.

As we look for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus, the choice of face mask becomes crucial. One option that stands out is buying a UK made surgical face mask. Here are some advantages of choosing a UK made face mask:

Quality Assurance

Buying a UK made surgical face mask ensures that you are getting a product that meets the highest quality standards.

UK manufacturers are known for their attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality...

What is the Difference with Made in Britain and Made in the UK Surgical Face Masks?

When it comes to buying surgical face masks, you may notice that some surgical face masks are labelled as "Made in Britain" while others are labelled as "Made in the UK".

But what is the difference between these two labels, and does it matter?

The main difference between "Made in Britain" and "Made in the UK" is the geographic scope of each label.

Made in Britain and Made in the UK

"Made in Britain" refers specifically to products that are made in England, Scotland, and Wales, while "Made in the UK" includes products made in Northern Ireland as well as...

Medical Masks Made in Britain

As the world continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the use of medical masks has become a part of our daily lives.

When it comes to choosing the right medical mask, quality and reliability are of the utmost importance.

One way to ensure that these standards are met is by choosing medical masks made in Britain.

Stringent Regulatory Standards

Medical masks made in Britain are subject to strict regulations and standards set by organizations such as the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).