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How To Protect yourself, your staff and the public against airborne contaminants Like Covid-19?

When I Need to Wear a Face Covering?

What are the guidelines for face masks?

It is important to break the chain of Coronavirus infections.

The government emphasizes the importance of wearing face masks to prevent Covid-19 transmission in every public situation, like social events and public gatherings to avoid catching/spreading the virus.

Wearing a Face Mask

Since many people have yet to be vaccinated, it is important to wear face masks, maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet/2 metres and avoid crowds.

Face masks are used hugely in public, in private and in healthcare settings as they lower the spread of Covid -19 transmission and have been in great demand since...

Who Can Wear a Face Covering or Mask?

Certification of Masks in the UK

Environmental Impact of Masks

Increase of PPE made from UK

With the rise in the spread of Covid 19, there has been an increase in the manufacture and sale of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and disposable surgical masks.

What is the Role of PPE?

PPE is crucial when it comes to having a higher degree of protection.

The role of PPE is to protect the wearer from contracting viruses, bacteria and other infectious micro droplets such as vapours and aerosols.

High Demand of PPE

PPE has a higher demand than ever, since all healthcare workers and professionals are required to wear it during the current pandemic.

Initially, when the...

Advantages of Buying a UK Made Surgical Face Mask

What is the Difference with Made in Britain and Made in the UK Surgical Face Masks?

Medical Masks Made in Britain

What BS EN 14683 means?

The way we see the world will never be the same again.

This deadly virus has shook the world to its core.

It has made Front Line staff risk their own life like never before.

Not just health care workers, even the general public is fearful and looking for ways to protect themselves.

Wearing a quality mask with an efficient filter is today's Number One Criteria.

The European Union has created a set of requirements for all mask manufactures to adhere to certain standards when producing face masks.

Only those masks that follow these requirements are EU certified.