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Increase of PPE made from UK

With the rise in the spread of Covid 19, there has been an increase in the manufacture and sale of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and disposable surgical masks.

What is the Role of PPE?

PPE is crucial when it comes to having a higher degree of protection.

The role of PPE is to protect the wearer from contracting viruses, bacteria and other infectious micro droplets such as vapours and aerosols.

High Demand of PPE

PPE has a higher demand than ever, since all healthcare workers and professionals are required to wear it during the current pandemic.

Initially, when the pandemic began, the government was overwhelmed and was unable to cope with the extraordinary PPE demand created by the Coronavirus transmission potential.

Nonetheless, with the help of advanced planning and assistance offered by the World Health Organization the country managed positively the rising numbers of infections and established smart strategies to deal with the current situation on a global scale.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was very challenging for the UK government to meet the massive demand for PPE.

Later, with the joint efforts of government and local manufacturers, stockpiles of PPE, such as surgical face masks, respirator masks, face shields, goggles, medical gloves and gowns were manufactured and billions of them were traded, bought and sold across the UK.

PPE are single use items so need to be manufactured and purchased continually.

As Covid cases grew exponentially, production increased as did the buying and selling of PPE; small scale licensed facilities were set up as alternative sources to make a continuous and ample supply of PPE items.

PPE is being made in bulk to ensure a reliable supply over the next few months.

PPE made in the United-Kingdom

This high production rate implies significant demand for PPE nationwide.

The UK government is doing its best to keep providing a continuous supply of PPE to its citizens; front line workers and public to make sure they have all the authorised equipment available for their own safety.

Factors such as general demand in the market, SOPs implementation as seen in this ongoing pandemic and local awareness have driven production of PPE to new heights.

This increase in demand has not only helped reduce the pandemic statistics but has also provided private business opportunities to make money.

In order to maintain an uninterrupted supply to social care and healthcare staff, the Government has set up production plans and policies.

However, with this increase in PPE production, it is important to make sure that only legally compliant PPE should be brought to the market and no fraudulent product should be sold; this can only be made possible with the help of routine surveillance. 

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