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What is Spun Bound?

COVID-19 is causing panic and trepidation across the World.

A tremendous amount of effort has been made to minimise it’s transmission.

Socially distancing from crowds and using a mask to cover your mouth & nose to prevent respiratory droplets from getting in are at the top of the list of standard operating procedures (SOPS) .

Masks have become the talk of the town.

Everyone is weighing up the pros and cons of all the different types of masks available and are looking to buy the one that offers the best protection against covid19.

Surgical masks are widely used throughout the world.

These 3 ply masks offer protection to those you meet and those who wear them.

These surgical masks are made from three layers.

What is Spun Bound Fabric?

Non-woven spunbond fabric is made from polypropylene which forms the outer and inner layers of Surgical Face Masks.

The middle layer is a filter made from Meltblown fabric.

The mask’s main aim is to filter all dust particles, microbes such as bacteria and viruses.

Please note- small viruses are not filtered by these masks.

Non Woven Spun Bound in Surgical Face Masks

There are some requirements you must adhere to when using non woven spunbond fabric as a mask.

Spunbond Non Woven Polypropylene (NWPP).

It must be 100% pure, breathable, tear resistant, water resistant and should not shrink when washed.

Filtering and Breathabitlity of Spun Bound

It should be checked for coatings, adhesions, particle shredding or needle holes in the area which will function as a filter.

NWPP should be around 20-25gsm density to make medical grade masks.

Mostly, fabric of this density is reserved for manufacturers who make standard Mask based on a standard set by regulatory bodies.

Breathability is an important test that this fabric should pass through in order to qualify for mask manufacture.

Preliminary lab results indicate that 2 layers of NWPP are enough to provide sufficient breathability for both fitted and non fitted masks.

Non Woven Spunbound as Blood Repellent

Masks can undergo a Splash Resistant test as well.

This includes splashing blood onto a mask with similar pressures as is found inside our bodies.

This is done to check if blood will penetrate the mask or not.

Ideally, it should not penetrate so making sure the wearer face doesn't get contaminated by blood splashes.

Where Spunbound is used?

NWPP fabric can be commonly found in conference/laptop bags and reusable shopping bags.

A great way to recognize a NWPP fabric is to look for a characteristic dimpled, diamond shaped pattern.

Even though they can have water resistant and hypoallergenic properties, you cannot check density and its structure properly.

In other words, you cannot make a medical grade mask using NWPP fabric at home.


The deadly Corona virus has infected individuals with low immunity and people with comorbidities, young and old alike.

Therefore, It is more important than ever to wear a Medical grade mask made out of NWPP material which has passed all the regulatory checks.

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