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Nose Bridge

Masks are flavour of the month.

The current pandemic has spread throughout the world in just a few months.

It has taken the lives of many people, both young and old.

It is high time to find the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones using the best possible masks and practices as defined by the Government.

Surgical Face masks offer great protection to others you are in contact with.

You must wear the surgical mask properly and it must fit the face otherwise it is of no practical use.

Having gaps between the face and the mask means that Respiratory droplets will find a way out and can infect other people.

In order to prevent this from happening, we need to use the best techniques to make the mask fit the face.

Nose bridge is used as a material in surgical face masks.

What is a Nose Wire ?

A nose wire ( also called a nose bridge wire) is part of the face mask.

The purpose of a nose wire is as follows:

  • A nose bridge wire makes wearing the mask more comfortable.
  • The material used in the nose wire is bendable so it allows nose wire to mold and take the shape of our nose.
    It creates a seal with the face and prevents air leakage.
  • A nose wire holds the mask in place for a good amount of time.
    It also avoids masks from sliding down.
  • People who wear glasses appreciate face masks with nose wire bridges as the nose wire offers a tight fitting to the natural contours of the face and keeps glasses from fogging up.

What Material is Used to Make a Nose Wire?

A nose bridge wire can be made by various materials.

The materials used in the manufacture of nose wire should be flexible and durable.

The bendability of the nose wire adds to customization as this feature and allows face masks to fit the face shape of any person..

The list of materials for nose wires, approved according to European standards includes:

  • Crafting wire; Crafting wire is the most comfortable in masks and has the best pliability.
    It is also known as Floral wire.
  • Aluminum wire; Aluminum wire is made from aluminum cans or foil and it has compromised ductility when compared with crafting wire.
  • Twist ties; Although it is not a durable option and does not mold very well over the face yet it can still be used in emergencies.
    This is a homemade alternative.

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