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Ear Loops

This pandemic has caused an increase in both mask production and mask wearing like never before.

Previously, Masks were just used by medical staff but now every person is required to wear a mask when leaving home, even for small tasks like going to the shops to buy food.

These masks come in different shapes and sizes.

Masks are essential in protecting people from coronavirus as they prevent the spread of respiratory droplets by forming a barrier and covering the person's mouth and nose.

Ear Loops are used as material in a medical face mask.

Ear Loops used with Face Masks

The fabric of the mask is held in place by ear loops.

Two ear loops are attached to each end of the mask.

They stretch one end of the mask and secure it firmly behind each ear.

Adults can adjust the mask and wear these loops over their ears by themselves whilst the children should be supervised while wearing and pulling loops over the back of their ears.

There are certain mask components that are almost the same to any mask type.

This includes a nose bridge, single or multiple layer fabric and ear loops.

What is the material of Ear Loops?

These ear loops are made from various materials such as elastic, string or cloth strips.

Fitting of Ear Loops

These ear loops are often adjustable so that they can fit according to different face sizes.

Ear loops can be adjusted by making a knot in a portion of each elastic loop behind the ears.

This will ensure that the top and bottom sides do not pull against each other whilst forming a gap between them.

This method is better for children as the ear loops in surgical mask or face covering are often too long for them to sit securely on their faces..

You can also tie a string to each ear loop, pull them behind your head and tie them this way.

Alternatively, a safety pin can be used to secure both ear loops behind the head instead of behind the ear.

What are Problems to Wear a Mask with Ear Loops?

There are some reported cases of retroauricular dermatitis in healthcare workers due to prolonged wearing of masks with ear loop.

Wearing masks for a prolonged time can result in pressure pulling on the back of your ear which can ultimately lead to earache.

In order to prevent this from happening, use some form of clip or hair clip and secure the ear loops on to your head/hair, instead of securing it behind your ear.

It should also be noted that you should wear the mask by only touching ear loops after thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Similarly, you should only remove the mask by the ear loops avoiding touching the mask itself.


Masks can only work well when it covers the face,nose and chin and it is secured tightly using the ear loops.

Thankfully, we have found ways to adjust ear loops to cater to people of different ages and sizes.

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