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How to Wear a Face Mask With Glasses?

2020 was one of the most agonizing years in recent history.

Shops, factories, whole industries and businesses all closed down; people were forced to stay at home; the economy collapsed; thousands of people died throughout the world.

Today, everyone is looking for ways to protect themselves.

This includes looking for masks which can efficiently protect them from the deadly coronavirus.

Wearing a mask comes with a set of challenges of their own.

Some people have reported that they have had difficulty in breathing whilst others faced the issue of their glasses getting fogging up.

It is infuriating to take your glasses off to wipe them clear every few minutes.

Why Glasses are Fogging when Wearing a Face Mask?

The reason for glasses fogging up is mainly due to condensation when the warm vapour from your breath meets with the cool surface of the glass.

It is similar to walking inside a hot building after a walk in cold weather.

The water droplets form as a result of condensation limiting vision.

This is uncomfortable and will lead to them having to clean their glasses again and again.

The main reason for this misting up is where these warm vapours come from.

These warm vapours are simply breathed out air.

This says the masks worn by the Glasses/ specs wearer do not fit the face tightly enough.

The gap between the face and the mask allows these gasses to escape and eventually end up misting up the glasses.

These warm vapours also end up creating moisture along glasses which can make the mask slide glide down easily as well.

How to Stop Fog on My Glasses with Mask?

There are several ways to stop this.

Look for masks which fit your face tightly.

This will eliminate the problem..

Such masks come with nose wires/ bridges which sit perfectly on the nose.

Washing Glasses

One method to fix this issue has a scientific basis.

Washing the glasses with soap and water.

Let the glasses dry off on their own and wipe them with soft tissues.

This mixture leaves a layer of thin surface active agent on the lenses.

This method reduces the surface tension and helps to spread water molecules evenly.

Using Tape

Other methods include wearing medical tape or a plaster over the bridge of your nose.

This will prevent the vapour from escaping from the top of your mask.

Make sure that these tapes don't irritate your skin.

You can even wear masks a little higher up to seal off the top of masks with your specs/ glasses.

Contact Lenses

Another effective way is to switch to contact lenses.


Everything comes with its own set of challenges.

How we choose to deal with them is always up to us.

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