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How to Wear a Face Mask?

Since the outbreak of the deadly pandemic, mask usage has become a global strategy in order to reduce the transmission of contagious Covid-19.

It has undoubtedly declined the rate of transmission of the virus.

Face Masks Improves the Protection Against Viruses

Masks help limit the release of infectious droplets into the atmosphere and reduce the spread of germs.

Out of all the facemasks, the two most common are; Surgical (medical) face mask and respirator (FFP2/FFP3) masks.

The method of wearing the mask is the same regardless of the type.

Steps How to Wear a Mask

The steps of wearing masks are as follows:

  • Clean hands; Before touching the mask wash hands with soap for at least 30 seconds or clean them with an alcohol based sanitizer.
    Do not touch the mask multiple times.
  • Check the integrity of the mask; There should be no tears, holes or any other defect in either side of the masks.
    Check for the presence of ear loops and nose bridge.
    Throw away the pieces that are defective. (2)
  • Determine the direction of the mask; The outer side of the mask is generally coloured and the direction of 3 folded pleats is forward and downward, ensure this side is faced outward.
    It is important to identify the direction of the mask as the outer side of the mask is generally fluid repellent and the inner side of the mask is made up of breathable absorbent fabric.(3)
  • The top edge of the mask; The side of the mask with the nose bridge (a bendable nose wire) is the top and should be fixed over the nose perfectly.
    Mold this wire to the shape of the nose and ensure its nice fitting.
  • Earloops; Adjust the ear loop to suit the size of the face.
    Hold the mask by the ear loops and fit it over the face.
  • The bottom edge of the mask; The bottom of the mask is plane.
    Pull the bottom of the mask and make sure that it covers the nose, the mouth and the chin.

Wear a Mask with Glasses

There are many way to prevent your glasses to be foggy when wearing a face mask:

  • Nose bridge on top of the mask can secure the shape of the mask.
  • Soap on glasses can help to avoir steam from a mask.
  • By shutting off the breath out of the top of the mask help to prevent glasses to be cover by fog.


Putting the mask on your face is one thing, wearing the mask properly and correctly is the key, It's how you wear it is the most important..

In order to make the mask as effective as possible, you need to wear it according to directions/instructions of the World Health Organization.

Wearing it correctly, using it appropriately and disposing of it when finished are all necessary to determine the effectiveness of face masks.

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