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Surgical Face Mask Type IIR

Type IIR surgical face masks are ideal for the general public as well as paramedics and medical staff..

Filtration of Type IIR Surgical Face Mask

These masks provide the highest level Bacterial filtration efficiency which is greater than 98%.

With this filtration efficiency ,these masks are capable of keeping harmful microbes, dust particles, fumes and vapours away from reaching the nose or throat and stopping expired nasal secretion and saliva from being released into the environment.

What makes the Type IIR surgical masks the best?

What makes the Type IIR surgical masks the best of its type is the fluid resistant properties.

The World Health Organization certifies the use of Type IIR face masks in close proximity environments like homes, hospitals, educational facilities and offices.

Surgical or medical Type IIR face masks are available in different thickness.

The thickness of the mask is determined by the number of layers.

The thicker the masks, the better the protection.

What Material are Used for a Medical Face Mask?

The layers in the mask are composed of synthetic nonwoven materials whose function is fluid resistance, microfiltration and or moisture absorbance from the outside in.

Type IIR surgical face masks come with earloop strands that provide stability to the mask and keep the mask in position for a good amount of time.

They also come with a moldable nose bridge/wire that helps the mask to fit closer to the skin, avoid air leakage and prevent the mask from sliding down the face.

IIR surgical face masks come with 3 pleats.

How to Wear the Medical Mask?

These pleats play an important role in determining the direction of the mask.

The outer side of the mask pleats in a forward and downward manner, make sure this side of the mask is facing outward. (3)

The side of the mask containing wire is placed over the nose.

Make sure to wash your hands before putting Type IIR surgical face masks on.

Determine the direction of the masks, hold it with earloops and fix it over the face.

Mold the wire over the nose and pull the bottom of the mask to cover nose, mouth and chin.

Remove the masks by pulling ear loops gently and wash hands afterwards.

The use of Type IIR surgical face masks helps slow the spread of transmission, if worn correctly.

One should keep in mind that masks not only protect the wearer but also their surroundings.

In order to attain the maximum protection one should follow every preventive measure suggested by the World Health Organization, along with wearing a mask.

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