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Differences Between Surgical Face Masks

The use of face masks has become increasingly common in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surgical face masks are a type of mask that is widely used in healthcare and construction industries.

They form a barrier between the wearer's face and the external environment, protecting against dust, pollen, respiratory and nasal secretions.

What is the different types of surgical face masks, namely Type I, Type II, and Type IIR, and explain their differences.

Surgical Face Mask Type I

Surgical Face Mask Type I

Designed to stop the transfer of infection from the wearer to the external environment.

They have a bacterial filtering efficiency (BFE) of 95% and are effective in stopping the spread of respiratory and nasal secretions when the wearer exhales.

However, disposable masks type I do not offer much protection to the wearer from immunological agents.

Surgical Face Mask Type II

Type II masks have a BFE of 98% and are more effective than Type I masks.

They are designed to provide additional protection to the wearer against large aerosolized liquid particles and are commonly used in healthcare settings.

Surgical Face Mask Type IIR

These masks have the same BFE as Type II masks (98%) and also provide splash resistance.

Face masks Type IIR are designed to provide the highest level of protection to the wearer and the external environment and are commonly used in medical and surgical settings.


Surgical face masks are an essential tool in protecting against the spread of infectious diseases.

The differences between the different types of masks lie in their level of effectiveness and protection.

Type I masks offer the least amount of protection, while Type IIR masks offer the most protection to both the wearer and the external environment.

It is important to choose the appropriate mask based on individual health status, environment, and the nature of the job.

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