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Where to Buy Made in the UK Masks?

map of the united-kingdom

Only 3% of face masks are manufactured in the United kingdom.

With little search, you will able to find a mask made in the UK.

The government aims 70% of all PPE from british manufacturers. PPE is an acronym of Personal Protection Equipement. Fabric masks are not considered as PPE.

Officially, there is 10 manufacturers of masks in the UK.

Why UK Masks are better?

As you know, we continue to have a lot of quality problems from abroad PPE, especially from Asia.

To choose a british manufacturer you are sure all requirements are met:

  • Masks are tested under the British Standard Regulation.
  • Companies making medical device have quality management in place, like ISO.
  • Material used to make face coverings have traceability.
  • The expectation of quality from british consumers are higher than most of others countries.
  • Some manufacturers are also member of Made in Britain, an official organisation for all british made products. You could see the official logo:
    Made in Britain logo

UK Masks in Bristol

Luckily, we have a local manufacturer in the South West of England, in Bristol (Barton Hill).

Bristol Mask is the only one manufacturer in the Avon city and meet all standards.

Bristol Mask logo

What is the vision?

  • Contribute to have our UK medical mask production to be Independent and not reliant on others.
  • Reduce the negative ecological impact on the environment with a local product.
  • Keep our jobs in the UK.
  • The quality for an affordable price

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