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A unique Surgical Face Masks Factory in Bristol

A unique Surgical Face Masks Factory in Bristol

We are proud to manufacture high-quality surgical face masks in Bristol (United-Kingdom).

We produced our first face mask on the 24th of June 2020, within a month of starting the venture.

The production line is now ready for mass production with a capacity for more than one million surgical masks a month.

Because we believe that we need to be independent and not reliable from others.

How did it start to manufacture Disposable Masks?

Bristol Mask Limited is founded by Stefan Delaunay, a French entrepreneur living in Bristol.

Stefan Delaunay production of surgical face mask in Bristol United Kingdom

Because of the unprecedented crisis we are facing with Covid-19, the idea was to be independent and not reliant on any offshore production. The shortage of PPE in the United Kingdom was a difficult reality we faced.

Stefan's wife is a nurse for NHS, and he was keen to help and start a brand new production line of medical masks in the existing premises (Trading Furniture) to minimise the cost and maximise efficiency.

After diligent research on the market at the end of May 2020, the machine and material were ordered.

The adventure of Surgical Mask begins

Supply, packaging, website, certifications: A lot of careful work was completed, and the machine arrived on the 20th June 2020 in Barton Hill Bristol.

A couple of days later, with the help of the machine engineer recruited, the production was live!

Surgical Mask Bristol

Bristol Mask Limited is the only factory able to produce and distribute surgical and disposable mask in Bristol and around.

Where to shop Surgical Mask in Bristol?

You can directly collect your medical masks in our warehouse/shop in Barton Hill, Bristol.

Want to know more?

For any inquiries or large orders please contact us with the form or by e-mail directly to

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